Always at the highest level and state of the art

Innovative production processes
meet many years of experience

If you need products that are particularly sophisticated in their surface design, then you’ve come to the right place: The surface treatment of metals is one of Robert E. Huber’s special disciplines. One of our greatest strengths is the ability to effectively combine the many surface design variants. With our experience, the corresponding know-how and the requirements of our customers, new and amazing effects are created again and again.

| Turning & Milling

create contours by rotation

We produce high-precision turned parts and assemblies for you with the most modern CNC long turning machining centers as well as short lathes with loading systems.


  • CNC long lathe machining centers, short lathes with loading systems


  • Bar processing up to 3 meters bar length
  • Long turning of complex workpieces up to max. 23mm diameter
  • Short turning with loading systems (e.g. Fanuc robot assembly)
  • Parts cleaning with an EMO washing system
CNC Turning and Milling

CNC-controlled manufacturing process according to modern standards

We manufacture a wide variety of precision milled parts for you on state-of-the-art CNC 5-axis and 3-axis machining centers. Profile machining and combinations of turning and milling are no problem for our production experts.


  • bar milling up to Ø 80 mm; Bar length up to 780 mm
  • 5-axis bar milling


  • Master CAM programming in house
  • Multi-axis engraving of the finest lettering and decorative elements with high-frequency spindles, also with diamond tools

| swaging

Efficient forming of fine mechanical components

Rotary swaging (also known as swaging) is a process for forming tubes, rods and wires that we use to precisely manufacture your high-quality metal products. It is characterized above all by the fact that with this technology we can achieve the final contour of the formed workpieces without further machining.


  • Rotary swaging machines with automatic parts feed


  • Rotary swaging for non-cutting shaping
  • Preliminary stage for processing such as polishing or guilloching

| surface treatment

We give your product the perfect finish

With decorative sanding, we achieve different surface effects in a targeted manner. We use a centerless grinding machine with 2 grinding units for dry and wet processing. This technology is necessary, for example, for grinding paintwork.


  • Grinding machine with four part holders and two grinding units (dry and wet processing), centerless grinding machine


  • Wet, dry and cylindrical grinding, different geometries possible

This gives the product the perfect shine

We use the 5-axis lapidation of small parts to finish surfaces or to prepare them for polishing. We can also process complex geometries for you.


  • 5-axis CNC facility


  • Machine surface grinding and polishing of small parts

Precise cleaning of the workpieces

With our NC-controlled sandblasting and glass bead blasting systems, we achieve numerous extraordinary surface effects with different blasting agents. This is possible on your flat as well as on your round products.


  • Rotary blasting machine with 2 blasting nozzles
  • Glass bead blasting using a blast wheel


  • Compressed air blasting with corundum, stainless steel balls, glass or ceramic beads as blasting medium

By hand or by machine

We polish your end products to a high gloss. Round parts, but also more complex geometries can be represented with our CNC-controlled polishing unit. We can process metals as well as paints and plastics. Wherever it is necessary, we also use our qualified hand polish.


  • several polishing machines with 10 and 12 part holders and up to 4 polishing units
  • CNC-controlled polishing machine for complicated geometries


  • Round and many other geometries editable

| lasers

Unique results through innovative technology

From the fine and precious metal processing, the laser is today
indispensable. For cutting, welding and
We engrave the sometimes very filigree components
fiber laser, CO2 laser or YAG laser. high precision
and accurate to a tenth of a millimeter.


  • Fiber laser, CO2 laser, IAG laser with pallet device for automatic placement


  • Machining of metals, plastics and paints, flat or round

| Shape

Manufactory manufacturing process according to individual requirements

We add text or your product logo to your metal products by hand. We manufacture the corresponding embossing tools in-house to suit your requirements. Depending on the requirements and economic conditions, an inscription in the form of an embossing can also be carried out on our CNC machining centres.


  • hand lever press
  • CNC machine


  • Rotary swaging for non-cutting shaping
  • Embossing by hand or automatically with self-made embossing stamps

| guilloching

Precise craftsmanship with centuries of tradition

Guilloching is a traditional surface treatment technique that is now considered a World Heritage Site. With our own technical developments and on the basis of our know-how, we have optimally adapted this technology to today’s industrial requirements. In order to enable you to achieve particularly unusual effects, we are happy to combine guilloching with other manufacturing processes, such as painting.


  • 5-axis CNC guilloche unit with record changer
  • CNC guilloching machines with 12-fold holder


  • CNC-controlled guilloching, 5-axis 3D guilloching

| Electroplate

Impeccable quality coating

With our automated and waste water-free electroplating line
we are able to process-optimized coatings
and without long conversion times economically in the highest possible
Delivering quality and precision. to our spectrum
include four types of gold plating, plus palladium,
platinum, rhodium and ruthenium. For all kinds
we guarantee color equality.

| paint

Aesthetic design according to your ideas

Varnishing in different techniques is a simple and at the same time diverse possibility of surface coating. Depending on the effort or the desired result, we are able to use automated processes. However, manual application of paint is often more economical and faster, for example in the case of smaller series or individual pieces. In any case, Robert E. Huber has the appropriately qualified employees and the necessary equipment.


  • Automatic wet painting for round geometries up to Ø 50mm. Other geometries on request.

Assembly & QA

Handwork included



At Robert E. Huber, work is automated as far as possible. With our equipment, we are able to economically manufacture both small series of a complex and costly nature as well as series on a large scale. However, manual intervention in and between the individual processes is often unavoidable, especially when manufacturing mechanical products that can consist of many individual parts. Manual work is often indispensable, especially in final assembly. We have many years of qualified staff at our disposal for this purpose.

quality control

Thinking about quality and acting accordingly has top priority at Robert E. Huber. As a supplier to industries that require the highest level of precision, flawless appearance and perfect functionality, we have internalized this way of thinking.

High-quality control and measuring devices are available across all relevant production steps. This is the only way to guarantee a reliable production process and to ensure the highest quality standard.


  • material control
  • production control
  • final check


  • Projectors, cold light scanners, multi-sensor measuring units for tactile and optical measurements, X-ray fluorescence devices for checking galvanic layer structures


  • Integrated controls in the running production process